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Any outstanding bid/RFP is subject to addendum after its initial posting to this website. In order for your bid to be considered you must acknowledge receipt of all addendums within the documents returned to our office. If you do not acknowledge receipt of such addendums, your bid may be rejected.

In order for you to be notified of such addendums please complete the online form.

As addendums are created we will post them here or if necessary, e-mail, fax or mail the appropriate documents to your office.
Fiscal Year 2019-20 Completed Solicitations  Board Date
RFP #20-01 Vehicle Maintenance Parts & Services 08/2019
JO #20-02 Athletic Field Lighting 07/2019
RFP #20-03 Waste Removal Services 09/2019
RFP #20-04 HVAC Systems, Equipment, Parts & Services No Recommendations
RFP #20-05 Plumbing Systems Maintenance, Equipment, Parts & Services No Recommendations
RFP #20-06 Facilities Maintenance, Electrical, Equipment, Parts & Services No Recommendations
JO #20-07 Playscapes 11/2019
RFP #20-08 Maintenance Utility Vehicles 01/2020

Fiscal Year 2018-19 Completed Solicitations  Board Date
RFQ #19-01 Autism Grant Evaluator 09/2018
RFQ #19-02 Design Services for Seguin ISD Matador Stadium 10/2018
RFQ #19-03 Real Estate Broker Services 11/2018
RFP #19-04 Maintenance Utility Vehicles 11/2018
RFP #19-05 Campus Parking Lot Repairs 01/2019
RFP #19-06 Campus Interior & Exterior Painting 01/2019
RFP #19-07 VCT Flooring and Ceramic Wall Tile Installation 01/2019
RFSB# 19-08 Sale of Real Property: Juan Seguin School 04/2019
RFQ #19-09 Architectural Services: Baseball and Softball Complex 03/2019
RFCSP #19-10 Matador Stadium Replacement 07/2019